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  Shunda Plastic Factory, the predecessor of Ningbo Dahua Electric Appliance, mainly deals in injection molding, having a good understanding and rich experience in molds, injection molding process and raw materials, which has laid a good foundation for the birth of Ningbo Dahua Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (General Manager Luo Jianyuan). Our emphasis on quality, dedication to vacuum cleaner industry, and good grasp of market trends are also important reasons for our company’s rapid and stable development. Today’s Dahua has enjoyed a certain popularity and a good reputation in the vacuum cleaner industry. Due to further development, Dahua moved to Xiaodong Industrial Zone on Lanjiang Street in March 2006. The new plant covers an area of 68,000 square meters and has a construction area of 80,000 square meters. With 850 registered employees working for us, we develop six to ten new types of products per year besides over 60 varieties of mature vacuum cleaners. At present, we provide horizontal vacuum cleaners, cyclone vacuum cleaners, vertical vacuum cleaners, barrel-type vacuum cleaners, portable vacuum cleaners, and rechargeable vacuum cleaners. All the products have passed certifications of CE, GS, EMC, EMF, and LVD, which better guarantees the products’ safety and paves the way for us to open up international markets. In research of vacuum cleaners, we pursue high quality, high efficiency, and low noise. We strive to win by quality but not by price.

We focus on not only product quality, but also our internal management and our company’s overall development. We began to apply for ISO9000 in 2002. Since then, our company operation, document management and department management all have been carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9000. What’s more, we successfully pass the review of ISO9000 each year and get the praise of Certification Company. We use ERP software in production and advocate paperless work. In 2007, we obtained the honor of “Customs First-class Enterprise and smoothly finished the connection of ERP software with GWT – an electronic customs declaration software. Now, we have four workshops, namely Injection Molding Workshop (equipped with 70 45g-4,000g injection molding machines), Assembly Workshop (equipped with 8 whole machine assembly lines and 4 parts assembly lines), Electronic Workshop (equipped with 3 flow lines), and Electric Motor Workshop. It’s worth mentioning that our Electric Motor Workshop was newly set up in 2006, with a huge sum invested in purchasing 3 automatic flow lines and lots of manpower and fund invested in researching electric motor technology. We began to produce electric motors in batches in early 2007 and got the recognition of Electrolux, KENWOOD and other customers.

Dahua is an enterprise that attaches importance on quality and regards quality as life. No matter in any market, we ensure all our products have top quality. In face of different trade barriers, we can response actively and make appropriate countermeasures at the top speed. For example, in front of EU’s RoHS in 2006, we purchased RoHS testing equipment on receiving such information, tested each supplier’ each parts, and sighed RoHS agreements with qualified suppliers. We test all the parts of each order to ensure all the products meet RoHS. Many customers think highly of our rapid response.
It is precisely because we are diligent and attentive that we can grow up rapidly and stably. By the year 2007, our annual output value had reached 332 million yuan, and our output of vacuum cleaners reached 2.14 million. This year, when foreign trade situation was not good, Dahua still ran well and had produced 680,000 vacuum cleaners by the end of April.